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Vlog Star MOD APK Ver. 3.6.7 VIP Unlocked download for android

Are you looking for a perfect video making app? Do you want all video making features in just one app? So here’s an incredible app named ‘Vlog star‘ that must be on your phones. Because V-log star is an amazing application for android users, this app is used for making videos for all social media platforms. Like, you can edit your videos for your YouTube channels or Facebook accounts. Let’s dive in!

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Vlog star has exceptional options for editing videos. This app is easy to use and fulfills all the requirements that a video editing needs. Moreover, this app gives plenty of ideas, makes your videos more attractive with its tremendous elements. Vlog star is a simple application with a professional interface.


Vlog Star  is A Versatile Video making App

Vlog star takes minimum space in your phone; however, it performs all basic functions that your video editing needs. Through Vlog stars, you can add background music, color filters, insert text, and attractive stickers. Furthermore, this app has a trimming option for videos; it also adjusts playback speed. One of the most surprising features is, you can do multi-layer editing. Vlog star is the most popular video editor. 

You Can Enjoy Copyright Music Library in Vlog Star

Your videos look more pleasant when you add good music to them. Vlog star makes your videos more vibrant and emotional. This video editing app has copyrighted plenty of songs, incorporating with your phone’s music library.

This app doesn’t have tracks. However, it has seven music themes, including soothing, fresh, travel, feature, pop, cheerful and cinematic. On the other hand, tracks are hosted on the server, so you will have to download them before putting them up in videos.

Vlog star has the most popular sounds effect that can make your fun videos. Wouldn’t you enjoy these features? V log star has 13 themes with hundreds of sound effects. Besides this, you can also record the music through a microphone or simply import it from the device.

It Offers Screen Recorder for Reaction Videos

Nowadays, YouTubers and streamers express their feelings by making reaction videos. The purpose of these reaction videos is to show remarks and comments about another video. If you regularly use YouTube, you can easily understand this thing. You may stay active to watch, as these videos are super exciting and grab the attention of the viewers. For creating reaction videos, you will need a tool to pair your reaction video with the original one in one frame. 

Vlog star does this thing by itself. It has a reaction camera that allows the app to make interesting reaction videos. Users don’t make manually because Vlog star will create videos in real-time with the camera on the device. You can adjust the requirements once you are done. Vlog star has customization options.


Enjoy Sensational Music Videos

It’s time to download a Vlog star to make your boring videos more exciting. This application turns your uninteresting videos into sensational music videos.

The original video will be stayed save in the application, so you can also modify it later when there’s a need to make changes. On the other hand, you can also extract the original video as a copy and save it in the library.

Vlog star has multiple templates for making music videos, but you have to choose a specific template to create a video. The template needs to be downloaded before selecting photos. After that, you will select pictures and press “done.” Videomaker feature in Vlog star selects glimpses from photos and videos to make a series and shows as memories.

You can also see the templates before the final download. All templates have beautiful effects, and they can be converted according to the melody of the music.

Vlog star has approx. 50 samples; few require you to be a VIP member. At the same time, most of the samples are free to use.

If you are looking forward to starting a YouTube channel, you must have a Vlog star on your phones for unique videos. Vlog star is linked with Intro Maker and thumbnail Maker.

MOD APK Version 

VIP Unlock: You can unlock all the effects and stickers since the premium package is unlocked. Luckily, you can remove Watermark, ads and can also use music video templates.

Download Vlog Star MOD APK 

Besides with above-mentioned features, the Vlog star has many colorful filters and texts. This app is just gathering all video editing features in one place. Are you still having doubts about downloading it or not? Go to your play store and use the amazing features of a Vlog star.


Vlog star provides maximum benefits to YouTubers and those who are interested in video making and editing. Vlog star has brought brilliant features for free, so we can make our memories more remarkable by gathering them in a single video. Isn’t it amazing? It’s. So, start using this app and cage your captured moments in a single frame. These videos can be more attractive if you use all features such as background music, colorful stickers, and amazing filters. Vlog star promises to fulfill the basic requirements of a video by its simple and easy procedure. The process of video editing and making is easy via this application. After knowing the exciting features of this app, will you wait for more? It’s time to get it installed.

Hurry up! Go and check out this amazing application and also recommend it to your friends.

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