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Summertime Saga MOD APK Ver. 0.20.7 Cheats download for android

Summertime Saga is an outstanding Simulation game that Kompas publish. They are well-known for the simulation game categories in the Google Play store. After installing this game on your mobile phone, you will have all the experiences that a teenager tends to see when studying in school. Are you who had very bore memories of school times and wanted to recall them by having exciting experiences and feelings? If yes, then you can download the Summertime Saga MOD APK (Cheat menu) on your mobile phones.

Version 0.20.7 | Size: 751M | Mod: Cheats | Genre: , | Publisher: | Get it On Google Play
Latest Version APK [MOD]


The MOD APK features come with the cheat menu, where you can efficiently perform anything in the game without any hurdle. Playing with the other version doesn’t allow you similar options. Therefore, it will be a fun experience to play with the MOD APK version.

About The Game

As said earlier, this game is published by Kompas in the NSFW category. You would also consider it as a simulation game that is based on an interesting Visual novel Game. After installing this game on your mobile phones, you will get to experience all the activities that the king of a school would have.

At the start, you will be the main character of this game studying in a school. Meanwhile, you are aware of the exciting events and activities in your school’s summer seasons.

Moreover, the game contains many scenes that a guy 18 years of age would be liable to see. Therefore, this game is considered an adult game. Anyone who is below 18 is not allowed ethically to play this game. If you are below this age, you should not download and play it on your mobile phone.

The Story

The story of this game starts with a boy who Is studying in a school. His mother has died, and the father married other women. Therefore, the boy has one stepsister and a mother. After his father’s death, he has to move into a suburban area and the stepmother and sister. Meanwhile, his father has taken lots of debts from a gangster gang mysterious in the game.

Therefore, the guy has the responsibility to find a way and earn money to pay the tuition fees and his father’s debts to remain safe from the gangsters.


The GamePlay

As you already know, summertime Saga’s entire game story is linked with Gangs and the mafia. However, you don’t need to fight with the gangsters in this game.

In general, you are just like a normal guy living a normal life like any other person in their school days. Having a normal life in this game doesn’t mean that it will be boring for you. In general, you have to face lots of difficulties and challenges in the game that will continuously happen to you every day. All you need is to find different ways to overcome every issue.

The game consists of 30 different locations along with 65 characters in the town. As the game is a visual novel, you will have to make conversations with every character that appears in front of you. They will bring requirements and information for you that you have to listen to and react upon.

You will get lots of tasks that need to be fulfilled. After that, you will receive the money and valuable items that can help out throughout the time in your hard days.


The Summer Vacation

In the game, you will experience the summer vacations. The introductory part of the vacation starts with the first scene, where you have to wake up in the room. The entire room will have a bed, a telescope, a broken computer, and other essential items.

After opening the room door, the next character in front of you is the stepsister, jenny. The stepsister is not friendly with you and always makes you feel uncomfortable with the word loser. After a conversation with your stepsister, you will meet your stepmother. She will tell you about the part-time job and also suggest you do this on the summer vacation.

The job is basically to take care of Erik’s Family Garden. In general, Erik is the character who is your classmate in the school.

You will have a Map icon on the mobile screen that can quickly move you towards the desired locations. After doing Erik’s garden task, you both go to school. There, the principal invited you to show you the transcript. In general, you have got low marks for every subject. However, Mr. Smith invited you to check it out and take the courses to get good marks.

From there, lots of exciting and challenging experiences will come in your life. Nothing is predictable in this game. Therefore, you have to work hard for everything.


The Game Modes

Summertime Saga comes with two different game modes, such as Cheated and clean. You have to perform every task in the clean mode by completing the entire story mentioned in the game. Moreover, you have to fulfill all the conversations to solve every single thing in this game quickly is the main character. On top of that, you need to listen to the discussions to understand things faster and react to them efficiently.

Apart from that, There is also a cheated mode in the game that only works with the MOD version. In this mode, everything is easy for you. You don’t need any external help as everything on board for you. You will also get a considerable amount of money in the game that you can use to solve all your problems.

The Graphics

As an animated movie, the graphics of Summertime Saga is also the same. Every single object and character has perfectly detailed and provides the perfect experiences to you. Moreover, there are lots of girls in this game who have a sexy and appealing look.

You would love this game for a longer time without getting bored just because of the outstanding graphics.

Are you the one who loves to play simulation games that represent the school life real experiences? If yes, you should download Summertime Saga MOD APK (Cheat Menu) on your mobile phones.

If you want to know further about this game, then you should read the entire article. We have mentioned every single piece of information for you in this game. Therefore, you will learn a lot about this game after reading this article.

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