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SimCity BuildIt MOD APK Ver. 1.36.1 Money/Level10/Keys download for android

SimCity is one of the popular Simulation game series out there that has entertained people worldwide. It’s the game that allows you to live on your terms and perform everything you have ever wanted in your whole life. If we talk about Simcity Buildit, so it’s also based on the same purposes. After downloading this game, you will be the one who is the city hero. You will be the one who can quickly create or design a beautiful metropolis.

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The entire decision on this game is yours. You have the option to make smart choices and build a society where success and happiness are permanent. It will offer you all the real-life activities where you have to do the job, create a beautiful home, raise kids, and remain happy. All of the similarities will be available for you in this game. In other words, it’s the game where you can quickly build your extraordinary world.


The MOD version downloadable link we have mentioned in this article offers you unlimited money. With this feature, you can purchase as many items as you can to build everything you want.

About the Game

Electronic Arts are the publisher of the simulation Game Simcity Buildit. The name is popular in the mobile gaming industry as they have published lots of exciting and compelling games for people. Real Racing 3 and Plants vs zombies are also the top-notch game published by Electronic Arts.

Simcity Buildit is the first simulation game for the publisher, and they didn’t shatter the player’s expectations here as well, just like other games. The game currently has five start positive reviews and more than 50 million installs on the Google play store. Therefore, having this game on your mobile phone is always a blessing and a special thing for anyone.


The Gameplay

If we generally talk about Simcity, it’s making the people’s expectations outstanding since the late 1980s. The SimCity series has raised generations to get entertainment in their free or boring time by playing the game. At first, it was released for PC users. Later, the highest amount of people support made it mandatory for the developers to release it for multiple platforms. That’s why, today, you can also play this gaming series on your mobile phones.

If we talk about the gameplay, so everything is pretty much similar since its first game released on the market. You can consider it as a simulation game where you perform all the real-life activities. Therefore, the basic principle remains the same for every game series.

It’s like you will always play this game to build your city and do all of the things you have wanted in real life but didn’t achieve. So, it helps you a lot to perform all the things and get a tremendous amount of satisfaction for yourself.

However, the most crucial part here is that every sims game comes with a few upgrades. You will see something different on any game you have installed on the mobile phone or PC. That’s why people don’t get bored with this game. IF these upgrades didn’t happen, then nobody will ever like it.

In the initial stages of this game, you will not have a single penny or other things to build the home. However, the continuous efforts and dedication will make it possible for you to do different things in the whole city.

Whether it’s about making hotels, Restaurants, or sports areas, you will be able to make all of them with patience and hard work. Apart from that, everything is accessible for you, depending on your terms. You wouldn’t need to depend upon the game. You can use your mind creativity to build everything and placed them in the right area.


Collect And Trade Resources

The resources are significant to build a city. Therefore, you can’t construct a building without having a proper resource in this game. Consequently, you need to find and buy them from other players in this game. It will help you to do everything and establish your city.

Meanwhile, other players would also need your resources in this game. So, you have to help them as well if you want to seek help from them. The exchange procedure will become helpful for both sides to resolve the problems. On top of that, Exchanging and trading resources will be the significant reason you earn a decent income.


The currency

There are several currencies available in this game for you to use or utilize different things. Therefore, every single one of them would be helpful for various tasks.

The Graphics

If we talk about Electronic graphics, so every game they publish contains a high-quality representation. In Simcity Buildit, the graphics of the game is also outstanding. You will get sharp 3D graphics along with a virtual city view where you can enjoy playing this game.

On top of that, you will also experience lots of city activities when playing this game to enhance the over feel for you. There is also a zoom-in/out feature in the game that can help check every city resident living their life happily.

Moreover, the bright colors and images also make it look appealing to you. Meanwhile, the weather changes and the Day/Night effects also make this game pretty much compelling for anyone. In short, you will get the best visual experience of your life after playing this game.

SimCity BuildIt APK MOD Features

Are you the one who loves the Sims gaming series? If yes, then you should download the SimCity Buildit on your mobile phone. The game comes with all the real-life activities feature that you always wanted to do in your life.

Although the story is pretty much the same, you will have better graphical features and more upgrades in the game, just like every sims game.

If you want to know more about this game, you can read out the entire article. We have mentioned every possible information for you in the game. It will help out to understand every single thing about this game.

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