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Infinite Flight - Flight Simulator MOD APK Ver. 20.03.04 Unlocked All download for android

Have you ever wished to become a Pilot in real life but didn’t make your dream successful? If yes, then you shouldn’t need to worry about it. Many others also have the same passion, and they didn’t make it. However, you have the option to play a game that can bring you similar pilot experiences whenever they fly the plane in the sky. Yes, we are talking about Infinite Flight: Flight Simulator. It’s the game that comes in the simulation category—the game where you can experience real-life pilot flying activities with good graphics and design.

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After installing this game, you will get some quick-to-understand instructions. From there, you can take off for your first flight by doing the entire real-life plane flying activities in this game. Therefore, it will be a fun and exciting experience to play this game on your mobile phones.

Here, we have introduced the MOD APK version to get all of the functions or features unlocked.


About the Game

The infinite flight is the publisher and developer of this game who has introduced it for Android and IOS users. The game comes in the simulation category, where you can get real-life flying experiences.

After installing this game on your mobile phone, you will start your journey by experiencing real pilot life and work at the time of flying. Moreover, this game has many other features, such as the familiar and new landscapes and a wholly unique perspective. All of it will bring unique and outstanding experiences for you that you may have wished in real life.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is similar, just like you tend to see in a Pilot’s life when flying the plane. You have to start the airport journey and follow the same rules apply for an airplane to fly. Moreover, all other things need to be considered and taken care of that are essential when flying.

Any wrong move or activity will bring you to the same conditions as a pilot sadly has to face whenever they are about to the crashing circumstances. Therefore, you need to take care of everything throughout flying to make it a successful flying journey for yourself.

The Graphics:

The impressive thing about this game is the graphics that have made many users addicted to playing it on their mobile phones. When we installed the game and played it on our mobile, we have experienced everything, like runways, landscapes, sky, and planes, to be very realistic.

Playing this game is just like you are watching a movie and having outstanding experiences. This game developer has worked harder to include the right amount of detailing in the game and make it compelling and perfect.

When flying in this game, you will go through various areas that consist of lots of beautiful landscapes for you. Every ocean, desert, and mountain brings you the same feeling, just like you had to experience at the time of flying with a flying service to any location.

Besides that, the game also provides you weather effects. The game developers have also included some images of satellites in the game that bring you the same feelings in this game.


Unlock the Flights

You can become the full skilled pilot of this game after mastering the Infinite Flight: Flight simulator controls. With good flying records, the game will allow you to unlock other aircraft for you that you can fly in the future.

Some of the great and most updated aircraft included in this game are 208 Caravan, CRJ-200, MD-11f, CRJ 700, and SR22. Moreover, the game also offers you lots of cargo planes and military aircraft.

It means you will get new experiences whenever you unlock new aircraft and drive it. However, it would be best to drive every plane if you were skilled full like a pilot. Therefore, you need to work on your driving skills.

The Flying

Whenever a person becomes a pilot, the first flight always seems essential and challenging. In this game, similar experiences will take place for you. The ability to control the airplane is necessary at the time of flying for the first time.

If you want to get used to it, you need to understand the control systems and aircraft engines. It will be a good thing to understand everything that comes in front of you.

Landing, Cruise control, and starting system are the top three essential factors that improve flying experiences and control. Therefore, you have to work upon these features a lot. Moreover, autopilot mode is also available in the game for the convenience of the game player. Autopilot mode can help you automatically land at the airport, control the flights, and many more.


Experience the Flying Wonders

The game is developed to let every person enjoy the wonders of flying into the sky. There are lots of outstanding landscapes and mountains that you tend to experience in the entire game. Just like a real-time flight experience brings lots of surprises for you, the game also tried to cover all those features and experiences for you in this game.

So download Infinite flight: Flight simulator and enjoy every bit of flying experience. It will be a fun and fantastic experience of your life that you will never forget after playing this game.


Are you the one who wants to become a pilot, but you didn’t achieve your goal? If yes, you should download Infinite Flight: Flight simulator on your mobile phones and fulfill your needs and demands.

The games come with lots of real-life flying activities for you. It will bring the same experiences to fulfill all your requirements when sitting on an airplane and heading towards any location.

If you want to know more about this game, then you can read the entire article. We have mentioned some outstanding information that can help you learn its mechanism and all other factors.

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