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Hay Day MOD APK Ver. 1.49.5 Unlimited Everything download for android

Are you the one who loves to own a valley where you can do proper farming in your real life but didn’t have the money? If yes, then you can fulfill all your desires by downloading Hay Day MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems/Seeds) on your mobile phone. You would never need to worry about anything to buy in the MOD APK version.

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This game comes with all of the critical features that can help you easily farm on a valley. Moreover, you will also get the chance to learn about the land lay, grow corps, and even trade the goods at the end with your friends or neighbors.


The most fantastic thing about this game is that the Corps never die, even with no rain throughout the season. Therefore, you will have lots of outstanding experiences to learn everything. In other words, Hay day is a simulation game where you can perform all the farming-related task, just like a farmer do in real life.

Playing this game after a hectic and busy day will bring peace and entertainment to your life. Therefore, you will end up the day by doing what you love the most in your life, such as farming.


About the Game

Hay Day was introduced back in 2012 after publishing by SuperCell, a famous Google Play store publisher. The game comes specifically in the category of farming. Moreover, it will require the android 4.0.3 version of the mobile to easily play this game without any hurdles.

In the initial stages, the game was only supported by Android Users. However, the game Is now available for the IOS platform. Therefore, anybody can easily participate in the hottest farming mobile game in the entire world.


The gameplay

As said earlier, it’s a simulation game that contains all the experiences of farming that a farmer tends to do in real life. Therefore, you will find yourself as a real-life farmer in this game who has to work hard on the land to grow the Corps.

Just like a farmer tends to work daily for better results, you should also work daily to grow anything on the land and earn a lot for yourself. The game will allocate you small cottages, ranches, rough fields, and a small farm in the initial stage.

Therefore, you will have to start the farming procedure with the game developer’s available seeds at the start. After you sow the seeds, a watering procedure is required daily to let the plants grow on a considerable amount and height.

When the Corps grows to an ideal level, the next thing will be to harvest the farm and sell the generated goods. In return, you will get lots of money, and you can use that money to buy other exclusive plants and provide you with the maximum amount of return.

At the time of farming, you will get the experience points for every plant you harvest. Collecting the points will improve your experience, and the character will upgrade accordingly. With more experience, you are capable of unlocking more plants, items, and exciting features.

Apart from that, you will also get a particular spot in this game where you can sow the seeds. In general, that particular spot will be the life cycle of the plants. There, you can also install the “help” table. So, the neighbors or friends would again water the plants on your behalf whenever you are not available in the game.

Other Important things

Apart from growing the plants on your land, you will also get several pets in this game. You can also take care of these pets to let them grow. The pets will be pigs, Goat, Chicken, Cow, etc. In other words, you will get the pets that are most commonly found in the Farmer’s land.

Apart from the above pets, you will also get Cats and Dogs who can improve your experience in this game and bring exciting items for you. You have to buy a house to raise them properly and take care of their food.

Do Trading

After harvesting all the plants and generating sellable goods, the next thing for you is to trade them. For that, you will get a port in the game after level 17. From there, you can quickly ship the items to any part of the world.

It will consume around 16000 coins and the whole day to let the harbor be repaired. Moreover, a new shipment will let you wait for up to four hours. However, you can use diamonds up to five in quantity to get the shipments quickly.

You can easily unlock the fishing feature by unraveling the harbor. From there, the game will offer you a lake along with a house where you can catch the fishes by getting a fishing man, boat, and a bait box.

Other Features

Hay day also provides you with opportunities to spin the wheel and get lots of rewards. You can examine your luck daily. Moreover, you can also watch ads to earn diamonds. Besides that, the roadside shop also unlocks in level 7, where you can sell the items locally to the peoples. Any player in this game who will see your shop and loved any item can buy it from you.

There are lots of people from the whole world who are connected with the game. Therefore, it’s a huge community where you can talk with other players and make them your friends. Consequently, you can help them or ask their help for the taken care of the Corps.

The Graphics

It’s a simulation game that comes with 3D graphics. Every object in this game contains perfect and detailed graphics. Moreover, it comes with soothing and relaxing background music. If you love farming games, then you will love this game a lot.


Are you the one who loves to play simulation games that are based on farming? If yes, you should download Hay Day on your mobile phone. The game comes with lots of outstanding features that can enhance the overall farming experience for you.

If you want to know anything else about this game, you can read the entire article. We have mentioned every possible information about this game for you in this article.

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