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Garena Free Fire MOD APK Ver. 1.59.5 Aimbot/ESP/Headshot download for android

Have you Ever Played PUBG or Fortnite on your mobile? If yes, then you would be well-known about the Battle Royale game type. If we talk about Garena Free Fire, so it’s also created on the same concept.

Version 1.59.5 | Size: 560MB | Mod: Aimbot/ESP/Headshot | Genre: , | Publisher: | Get it On Google Play
Latest Version APK [MOD]

After installing this game on your mobile phone, you have to start the game by landing on a remote island along with 49 other players. The concept of this game is to stay alive till the end and win.


When you land on a remote island, there will be no weapons or other resources with you. Therefore, you have to check out every building available on the island and search for weapons. When you find one, the real fight starts from there.

All you need is to find the opponents and kill them before they kill you. Loot their weapons and move on to find other opponents to kill them. The game-winning streak is not depending upon killing the most opponents in the entire game. All you need is to strategically play the game, keep yourself alive and kill others.

Here, we have mentioned the MOD APK version of this game. With this, you can get significant features like No recoil, Aim Assist, and increased shooting range.


About the Game

Garena is the main publisher of free fire who launched it on the players’ Google Play Store. The game comes in the Survival Genre, and you need the Android 4.0.3 version to play on your mobile phones easily.

If we talk about the Top Survival Game on the Google Play store, so it’s PUBG. There’s no other debate on that as most of the top players use to play that game. However, free fire is also gradually getting all the players’ appreciation due to their unexpected and unique gameplay.

If you want to go on this game’s high limits, you should need to play it with strength, skill, and wisdom.

The GamePlay

The gameplay of Free Fire depends upon getting Killed or kill others. It’s the immutable rule that you need to know every time you lands on a map. There are no limitations for you to land in a specific area. You have all the liberty to land anywhere.

If you want to rush, you can land on the location where lots of players are already available. Otherwise, you can land on a location with no other player. In both cases, the strategies would be different for you to play the game.

Whatever it would be, you should always plan to win the game at any cost by defeating other players. Hardly, a free fire game lasts up to 15 minutes. The players are less, and everything happens so quickly. Therefore, you should go with proper preparation.

The best rule to win this game is to pick up the ammunition, weapons, and other useful items to kill others on the island. If you didn’t find it quickly, you would be killed by the opponents. You need to be responsive throughout the game to miss other shots and artistically kill them.

It also has the same map radius reducing feature as other Battle Royale games available. Therefore, you shouldn’t need to be at a single location every time. Whenever you got the radius location, make sure to move to a safe area before encountering other players.

Therefore, winning this game is only possible with proper strategies, skills, and the ultimate survivor’s hunger.

Apart from gun battles, you also can explore the vast and beautiful island created by the developers of this game with perfect detailing and many more. All the maps available in the game contain chemical zones, Warehouses, camps, and airports.

Apart from that, you can also attractively play this game by making friends from other parts of the world in the free fire community.


The Outstanding Equipment System

If we talk about Free Fire, so the Equipment system is outstanding in this game. You will have lots of weapons in the game that will bring you exceptional experiences and the chance to kill the opponents effectively. The list of weapons in this game consists of Kar98k, AWM, Scar-light, M16A4, and AKM. Moreover, it has heavy shotguns like S686, S1897, and many more. Therefore, you will have lots of options to consider.

Besides the guns, there are lots of other essential things available in the game, like Accessories. These accessories help you to make your character more vital than ever. You will get armor sets, helmets, bundles, and many more items to defend yourself.

Moreover, you can also move to multiple locations quickly with the help of transportation. However, you need to understand that traveling with transportation can easily let others know about your existence for a particular location. You will be safe for the time you are walking or running to move to another place.

The Outstanding Graphics

When it comes to battle Royale games, you will need to understand that Graphics play an essential role. There are lots of games available; therefore, the competition will remain higher as always. Due to these reasons, Free Fire worked hard to provide you with Quality 3D graphics on their game.

After installing it on your mobile phone, you will experience a much-enhanced game appearance. Moreover, every object, character, and weapon has outstanding detailing. Furthermore, the combat effects are real for anyone who wants to play this game on their mobile phone.

In other words, this game is jam-packed with lots of outstanding features for you. So, everything will be exceptional for you.

Garena Free Fire Mega APK MOD features

MOD Info

  1. Speed hack (Easy to activate)
  2. Lock on target
  3. AimAssist
  4. No recoil when shooting
  5. Not contagious
  6. Eliminate fog
  7. Get rid of the grass
  8. Activation hack
  9. Increase damage by 15%
  10. Field of fire increased
  11. Anti ban
  12. No root required when installing
  13. Optimized configuration, anti-Lag when playing Free Fire
  14. Login Facebook

Install Instructions!

Step 1: Delete Game Free Fire installed on the device (if any)

Step 2: Extract the file “WALL HACK OB26” to copy the obb folder under the path android / obb.

Step 3: Install “Free_Fire_base.apk” (delete the old Free Fire)

Username: badoftrue Password: freemodz

Do you want to play the perfect Survival game on your mobile phones? If yes, download Garena Free Fire on your android mobiles. The game comes with lots of outstanding features that will help you play a Battle Royale game with enhanced and exceptional features.

The gameplay is similar to PUBG and Fortnite; however, you will know about significant other differences in this game. 

For further information about this game, read the entire article. Every information is included in this article for you that will help you to understand and learn more about it.

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